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At New Life Robotics we believe that the future is coming and robots are coming with it, to be used in our every day society, not just the industrial applications that we use them for today. In our changing world, and with the expectations of robots in our daily lives, we will need more people who understand coding to program these robots, more people who understand the requirements to design & build the robots of the future for humanity and more technicians and mechanics to service and maintain this future fleet of robots.

When my then six-year-old daughter, Avery, came home in April 2015 telling us she wanted to build a robot my husband started researching what we could get for her to work on. In doing so, we came across the NAO Robot by Aldebaran Robotics on YouTube. The ASKNAO: Be a Part of The Journey video only took 10 seconds to pull on my heartstrings. And the NAO Next Gen: The New Robot of Aldebaran Robotics video confirmed that I wanted this robot in Canadian schools. As an EA and a mother with an ASD diagnosed daughter I not only believe the NAO Robot will make a difference in my children’s life but in all children’s lives. Many videos and a few weeks later New Life Robotics was founded and my Demo NAO Robot, Bert, is here ready to introduce a new technology to the Canadian Education system.


New Life Robotics is a company that is dedicated to bringing robotics education into the mainstream, for children of all ages as well as the general public. Technology is moving at a furious pace and we have a responsibility to give the next generation the tools and skills necessary to allow them to be successful. New Life Robotics can provide educators those tools.

History has shown us that since the start of the Industrial Revolution, there have been leaps forward in technological advancement at an increasing pace. Automated assembly lines, plastics, silicon chips, home computers, cellular phones and countless others. To keep up with that pace, we need to start educating the next generation at a younger age, the technological skills required for the future. They will be working with graphene, fusion reactors, space travel, artificial intelligence, driverless vehicles and of course, robotics.

The NAO Robot available through New Life Robotics is the perfect bridge into the world of advanced robotics. From simple verbal interaction at the elementary levels all the way to basic and advanced programming at the secondary and post-secondary levels, this robot will comfortably introduce people of all ages to the wonderful possibilities of robots in our daily lives.

Our ultimate goal here at New Life Robotics is not just to educate people about robotics, but to create a community of teachers, students, programmers, technicians, moms, dads and all others. A community with a common goal of exploring and advancing the possibilities that robotics can bring to Canadian society. This community can bring valuable research to the development of advanced robotics in the future as well as our knowledge of human/robot interaction.